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Hebrew years 600 to 720 (3160-3040 BCE)

Early Dynasty of Egypt in Abydos

In year 622, Yered had a son Hanoch, born in the new Nile settlement.

Hanoch was five and sixty years old when he begot Metushalach. Hanoch walked in God’s path after the birth of Metushalach for three hundred years, and he begot sons and daughters.
--- Genesis 5:21-22

Metushalach was born in Hebrew year 687, when Hanoch decided to distance himself away from life in Egypt and to walk in God’s path. What happened? In its Early Dynasty, Ancient Egypt had started a new rite of human sacrifice that would later become a norm in other neighboring civilizations, such as the Canaanites. It is possible that Hanoch was asked to sacrifice his son Metushalach and that he refused. This caused him to move away from the abominable society, a decision that got him in trouble with the first Egyptian rulers.[1]

The archaeological evidence about human sacrifice in Egypt's Early Dynasty was found in the ruins of Abydos, the first capital and one of the oldest cities of the Nile valley. But the rite seems to have completely disappeared from Ancient Egypt after about 2800 BCE.[2]

Human sacrifice in the Early Dynasty of Egypt

Human sacrifice in the Early Dynasty of Egypt


Hanoch was the first man since the Creation to truly walk in the path of God. He represented the 7th human generation since Adam (1-Adam > 2-Seth > 3-Enosh > 4-Kenan > 5-Mahalalel > 6-Jared > 7-Hanoch). This number 7 is symbolic of God's will because the 7th day is Shabbat, a day dedicated to God. So Hanoch had been inspired by God and represented the first divine attempt to have a man walk in His path.


[1] The first ruler (king) of Egypt is now dated to be around 3100 BCE, which is in line with the Biblical timeline. To see related article from the BBC, click here.

[2] See Wikipedia

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